“Northfield renovated, built-out, and completed a 5,000 sq. ft. corporate office at our new facility. We could count on them to be responsive and go the extra mile for us. We had a tight project deadline and they went out of their way to ensure the work was completed so we could move in on schedule.”

Alex Correa, President & CEO, Lectorum Publications, Inc.

“Right way, Yusuf Sariyaprak, president of Antep Rugs, knew he could trust the Northfield team’s experience. ‘John Recchia Sr. came to see the job with his son JR, and I could see there was experience with John – that’s why I trust him. Trust is very important for this kind of job.'”

Yusuf Sariyaprak, Antep Rugs

Ardwyn Bindings needed to move 165 machines and 65 people to a new facility in Totowa, NJ. “We had to make sure the new factory floor was set up in such a way that the flow of material made sense. Northfield collaborated with us 100% to get the entire project done. We were starting with a blank slate and we were able to sit with JR Recchia and his team to determine what needed to be done to fit out the factory to meet our needs.”

Diane Camooso, Marketing & Design Manager, Ardwyn Binding Products